Texting via pc, that\’s how you do it


No one realises it, you can easily send a sns versturen via pc if you want to prank one of your friends, your grandfather or your partner. Many people get enormous pleasure out of this. And the person in question has no idea that it is you who is playing the clown. Basically, you can put anything you want in a text message. Not only funny things, but also when you want to let someone know something without them knowing it's you. For example, this could be valuable information or something you simply always wanted to tell them.

Easy from your laptop

Nowadays, almost everyone in the Netherlands has the luxury of having a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop they can use. When you own one of these devices, it makes your life a lot easier. Nowadays, you can easily work or even find work via the internet without having to go through countless companies, and you can quickly get information from anywhere. There are often public archives you can dive into to read articles or get pictures from for projects you are working on or useful information for your work. The use of the internet and social media has brought a lot of change to our current society, we easily communicate with each other through different platforms and sometimes this is still sometimes underestimated. For example, being active online can be quite an escape from reality for some people.

Prevention of loneliness

It is still seen as a bad thing when children play a lot of games or can be found online, for example. Teenagers are also frowned upon when they are on their phones a lot, but adults have no idea what a positive impact it can have. It may be that children are now falling into burnout at a young age, they obviously do not know how to deal with it and are not taken seriously by their environment and parents. This makes the internet a good way to look for information or find like-minded people who are also going through this. Here, they can get advice or talk to peers who are going through the same thing. Not only that, but young people who have a difficult home situation, for example, can also use social media to get into circles that can make them feel better. A whole new world opening up.


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